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Save hours & reduce costs to serve (guaranteed) with an all-in-one, Last-mile Delivery Optimisation, Driver Compliance, Customer Satisfaction & Fleet Video Tracking Platform

SolBox has a proven track record of performing all the heavy lifting in running a logistics & distribution business. Trusted by thousands of users, SolBox empowers businesses to easily embrace delivery automation, impress their customers, & flourish in today’s fast-paced, on-demand world.


All-in-one Logistics & Route Optimisation Solution

Transform the way your business delivers products to it’s precious customers while measuring planned Vs actual logistics 

Happy customers, good business

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SmartMove Solutions...

SmartMove Live

Job/Route Dispatch, Customer ETAs & ePOD

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Smartmove OPTIMISE

Dynamic Route, Load & Constraint Optimisation

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Smartmove Safety

Driver Prestart Safety & Service Inspections

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SmartMove Pre-Plan

Predefined Route Planning & Driver Route Training

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Would a SolBox Solution help my business?

I have a business that requires 3 or more vehicles I need to track and dispatch jobs
My business model includes delivery to multi new and existing locations which can be challenging to plan.
I have invested in an online ecommerce or ERP platform that can easily be integrated with a SolBox logistics solution.
My business runs on separate manual processes that need to be streamlined to save me time and money.
I have multiple drivers I need to train on various routes and shifts – fast.
I operate with vehicles or assets in the food service, bus and municipal, healthcare, construction services, rental or transport industry.
I have drivers and vehicles which must be compliant with chain of responsibility inspections
My business processes have been around for a long time, but my technology is old
I am not claiming the maximum 42.5c per litre of fuel rebate based on non-public road usage of my vehicles Fuel Tax Credits.
If you answered YES to 1 or more of these questions:

How can we help?

See how SolBox helped Vics Meat pivot their entire business in days, helping Managing Director Anthony Puharich establish a successful eCommerce store during Covid-19.

Anthony Puharich Managing Director

How can we help?

See here how The Dinner Ladies went from taking 4 hours per day for route planning to 10 clicks of a mouse and providing live tracking ETA’s for their customers.

Rosie Pavicevic Logistics Manager

How can we help?

Hear from Domenic Currao Director @ JD to see how SolBox was able to help Save Time, money and improve their customer experience.

Domenic Currao Director

How can we help?

Hear how Hardware & General saved 20% on fuel, 30% on their cost per delivery and increased their number of completed orders by 13% with no additional vehicles!

David Stabback Logistics Manager

How can we help?

Listen to Bjorn Lategan, Chief Financial Officer of BagTrans as he explains how SolBox transformed their warehousing and distribution across the country with agile easy to deploy solutions.

Bjorn Lategan Managing Chief Financial Officer

How can we help?

Learn how SolBox has assisted Quality Centre to streamline their operations and remove the inefficiencies around last mile delivery.

Lawrence Micalizzi Director, SolBox

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Food Service Logistics

Specialised Logistics

Bus Services

Construction Logistics

No matter what business you’re in, SolBox offers fast, effective logistics & workflow automation solutions to grow, streamline and simplify your business, so you can get on with the job.


How does it all work?

If you want to make your business better, we can help


How much will my business save?

I want a SolBox solution to save time and money.

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Need to get going fast? Plans start at $15.00 monthly

  • Import Customers and Orders
  • Customer, Drivers, Vehicle Profiles
  • Route Planning & Dispatch
  • Route Sequence Optimisation
  • Digital Manifest (Map/app View)
  • Dynamic Geo Fences
  • Mobile Driver App (IOS/Android)
  • Geo sign on glass, images/comments
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Heavy Vehicle Driver Navigation
  • Live Driver GPS Tracking
  • Automated Customer alerts (email/SMS)
  • Dynamic ETA’s & order tracking
  • POD cloud store & retrieve
  • Automatic offline sync
  • Pallet/Crate/trolley tracking
  • Tap card payment capture engine
  • Card and Cash Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery PDF
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • SmartMove Live +
  • Zone/Territory Optimisation
  • Dynamic Route Allocations (Live manifests)
  • Capacity Load Optimisation
  • Weights, Times, Attributes Constraints
  • Unlimited Routing & Allocating
  • Driver/Vehicle timetables & shifts
  • Business rules 
  • Build Custom Inspections
  • Mass Management
  • Build Asset Service Plans
  • Create Asset Service Reminders
  • Build Service Checklists
  • Track Asset Service Repairs
  • Live Alerts
  • Driver license renewals
  • 3rd party repairer logins
  • Bulk Routes & Shift Import
  • Easily build predefined routes and shifts
  • Driver App Route Recording + Download
  • Live Mobile Device Tracking
  • Heavy Vehicle Navigation
  • Way-point driver notifications
  • Municipal routing
  • Automatic safe return route navigation
  • Off-road Actual defined Route Guidance
  • Open API

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