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Training drivers can be a time-consuming task, not to mention expensive. So what if you had a solution in place that took out the middleman and brought the training right to their dashboard? SolBox delivers just that, and more.

SolBox BusPLAN is a bespoke solution for bus and transport companies looking to minimise the lead time in upskilling new drivers and reduce the cost of traditional training methods. Partnering with TomTom Telematics, SolBox BusPLAN fills a unique void within the bus and transport industry.

BusPlan Features


Key BenefIts

  • Reduce training hours by up to 90 per cent with pre-installed bus routes
  • Real-time rerouting keeping your drivers on track and on time
  • Meeting demand with dynamic scheduling
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Integrate set runs and driver shifts directly into the platform and TomTom Navigation device

Saving you time and money by empowering your drivers with the right tools


So, how does it work?


Pre-installed bus routes eliminates training time

Reduce training hours by up to 90 per cent with preinstalled bus routes on TomTom Telematics driver terminals. This includes both standard and augmented bus stops pre-loaded onto the routes, with easy-to-follow turn by turn navigation.

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Real-time re-routing

When a wrong turn or unplanned road closure takes places, there is no longer any reason to panic. BusPLAN will keep your drivers on track, rerouting buses in real time safely back to its next stop. Using TomTom Telematics Truck maps, routes are selected based on vehicle size, weight and speed, ensuring buses are always on the right track.


Meeting demand with dynamic scheduling

You never know when there might be a spike in demand for your services, whether it be to get to the big game, headline act or major event. Meeting this demand is essential in providing a quality service.

With BusPLAN, you can quickly bring new drivers and buses onto the roads. Real-time location tracking, stakeholder notifications and live traffic updates enable you to quickly identify which buses could be introduced to meet demand, with the most efficient directions sent automatically to the in-cab driver terminal.


Reducing operating costs

Running a fleet of buses is not cheap. Petrol prices, maintenance costs and driver performance can significantly impact the cost of running a bus fleet.

BusPLAN gives bus operators a real-time view of their vehicles, whilst coaching drivers to become better and more efficient drivers on the road through real-time feedback. Not only does this help alert the back office to any upcoming maintenance issues, but also helps drivers reduce petrol consumption and accidents through more efficient driving practices.

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SolBox has enhanced the technology within our buses with a fit-for-purpose solution which empowers and up-skills our drivers.
— Adam D'Apuzzo, Management Accountant

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