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Fuel Distribution

The fuel industry is a highly competitive global sector, which is why SolBox customers look to our fuel distribution solutions to stay competitive and ensure smooth management of orders and PODs.

As a business owner, you don’t want to be thinking about when your next order is coming through. Our solutions take care of that by providing you with live automated notifications and integration with TomTom Telematics to ensure your drivers are safe and efficient.

Fuel Distribution Features


Key BenefIts

  • Live visibility for easy monitoring
  • Full transparency with stakeholders to improve customer satisfaction
  • Digital automation solution to easily manage deliveries
  • TomTom integration which brings world-leading fleet monitoring software

Turbocharge your fuel distribution
operations with SolBox’s proprietary optimisation technology


So, how does it work?


No more manual scheduling

Save yourself the hassle of manually scheduling jobs through SolBox’s customer portal and automated dispatch solution. Customers are able to order fuel specific to their site tanks, track orders and run PODs all online.

Our solution provides important information such as a live fuel price broadcast and useful features such as a safety pre-start and post-shift reports. Gain full visibility of your deliveries with an easy-to-use digital portal where you and other stakeholders will automatically receive live notifications when required, leaving you to focus on running your business.

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Driving your business forward with TomTom

Our partnership with TomTom Telematics allows you to monitor your fleet, providing full visibility of your team on the road, ensuring your drivers remain safe and efficient while driving.

TomTom’s PRO TRUCK navigation keeps your vehicles moving on the right roads, whilst providing live reports straight to the back office. Capture data such as load, jobs completed, driver movements and driving behaviour. You can also process information to help with legal compliance and provide full transparency to customers.

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Smart Analysis and Reporting

Gain transparent visibility of your fleet from the back office, and save time and money spent on tedious reporting through our intelligent KPI reporting tools. Our Dynamic Scheduling takes all the work out of complex rostering and timesheet management, by automatically assigning drivers to available vehicles.

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