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Patient Transport
& Pathology

SolBox provides hospitals with a range of pathology and patient solutions, to optimise their runs and promote better access to specialist services.

For something as sensitive as patient transport and blood delivery, it is vital everything runs like clockwork. Any delays or miscommunication can significantly impact patient care.

SolBox ensures you are always informed at every step of the way. Our smart healthcare solution provides live status updates on trips, whilst our planning software ensures your drivers get to their destination efficiently and safely, reducing costs through improved mileage and fuel consumption.

Patient Transport Features


Key BenefIts

  • Live notifications and dispatcher transparency
  • Improved patient care through fleet optimisation
  • Respond to needs on-demand thanks to dynamic dispatch
  • Improved productivity through automation
  • Reduce costs associated with patient transport and pathology services

Improve patient care and reduce costs
with smart patient and pathology transportation software


So, how does it work?


No more manual scheduling

Save yourself the hassle of manually scheduling jobs through SolBox’s automated dispatch solution. Dispatchers receive information on the bookings including status and ETAs - whilst notifications ensure they are always informed of important events.

Our solution integrates with healthcare software solutions, making it easy for them to make transport requests through the centralised customer portal and keeping them in the loop through live notifications.


Save time and money through efficiency

SolBox allows hospitals to optimise their runs with our intelligent planning software, reducing staff costs, decreasing mileage and fuel usage. Utilising our smart, proprietary route optimisation algorithms, healthcare providers can eliminate time spent manually scheduling jobs and driving inefficiently.

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Keep up to date with TomTom Telematics

Our partnership with TomTom GPS allows you to monitor your vehicles, meaning you know exactly where each vehicle is in real-time. More importantly, it allows you to communicate directly with your drivers, enabling you to make adjustments on the fly and provide the best possible care.

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