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8 game-changing last-mile delivery route optimisation features in one logistics solution.

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SmartMove Solutions...

SmartMove Live

Digital eProof of Delivery & ETA Customer Alerts

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Smartmove OPTIMISE

Dynamic Route, Load & Constraint Optimisation

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Smartmove Safety

Driver Prestart Safety & Service Inspections

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SmartMove Pre-Plan

Predefined Route Planning & Driver Route Training

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Would a SolBox Solution help my business?

I have a business that requires 3 or more vehicles I need to track and dispatch jobs
My business model includes delivery to multi new and existing locations which can be challenging to plan.
I have invested in an online ecommerce or ERP platform that can easily be integrated with a SolBox logistics solution.
My business runs on separate manual processes that need to be streamlined to save me time and money.
I have multiple drivers I need to train on various routes and shifts – fast.
I operate with vehicles or assets in the food service, bus and municipal, healthcare, construction services, rental or transport industry.
I have drivers and vehicles which must be compliant with chain of responsibility inspections
My business processes have been around for a long time, but my technology is old
I am not claiming the maximum 42.5c per litre of fuel rebate based on non-public road usage of my vehicles Fuel Tax Credits.
If you answered YES to 1 or more of these questions:


Food Service Logistics

Specialised Logistics

Bus Services

Construction Logistics

Need to get going fast? Plans start at $15.00 monthly

  • Import Customers and Orders
  • Customer, Drivers, Vehicle Profiles
  • Route Planning & Dispatch
  • Route Sequence Optimisation
  • Digital Manifest (Map/app View)
  • Dynamic Geo Fences
  • Mobile Driver App (IOS/Android)
  • Geo sign on glass, images/comments
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Heavy Vehicle Driver Navigation
  • Live Driver GPS Tracking
  • Automated Customer alerts (email/SMS)
  • Dynamic ETA’s & order tracking
  • POD cloud store & retrieve
  • Automatic offline sync
  • Pallet/Crate/trolley tracking
  • Tap card payment capture engine
  • Card and Cash Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery PDF
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • SmartMove Live +
  • Zone/Territory Optimisation
  • Dynamic Route Allocations (Live manifests)
  • Capacity Load Optimisation
  • Weights, Times, Attributes Constraints
  • Unlimited Routing & Allocating
  • Driver/Vehicle timetables & shifts
  • Business rules 
  • Build Custom Inspections
  • Mass Management
  • Build Asset Service Plans
  • Create Asset Service Reminders
  • Build Service Checklists
  • Track Asset Service Repairs
  • Live Alerts
  • Driver license renewals
  • 3rd party repairer logins
  • Bulk Routes & Shift Import
  • Easily build predefined routes and shifts
  • Driver App Route Recording + Download
  • Live Mobile Device Tracking
  • Heavy Vehicle Navigation
  • Way-point driver notifications
  • Municipal routing
  • Automatic safe return route navigation
  • Off-road Actual defined Route Guidance
  • Open API

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