Predefined Route Planning

Commercial route planning and predefined logistics services

SolBox SmartMove Pre-Plan is a bespoke solution for bus, waste disposal and transport businesses that brings, pre defined routing and driver training simply to every dashboard.

SolBox offers an industry first solution that incorporates mapping layers specifically designed for bus and custom logistics operations

8 Powerful Features

Bulk waypoint Import

Use our SolBox spreadsheet template or if you prefer, integrate your own spreadsheet. SolBox utilises an open API architecture so you can send orders directly system to system for a more seamless process. Integrates with KML and GTFS

Route Optimisation

Add all stops or way points, including any service time at each waypoint, then let the system produce the best accurate turn by turn routes for your predefined plan to ensure you are completing the set run most effectively.

Predefined Routes

Uploading routes to the software will place the routes on a map view, once routes are named and saved in the system, individual or groups of routes (classified as ‘a shifts’) can be sent or made available on the SolBox driver app by searching the route or shift name.

Predefined Shifts

Once predefined routes are created in the software, admin users can group predefined routes and create a shift which is then made available on the driver app by searching for the shift name. This is commonly used for bus routing and waste routing where multiple routes are required to be fulfilled in each driver shift.

Driver Mobile App

Available on IOs or Android, Internal or external drivers can digitally complete a prestart safety inspection, download a specific route or shift which will then automatically begin turn by turn heavy vehicle navigation with visible and audible stops and waypoints. The navigation service allows for custom municipal routing rules.

Industry Specific Mapping Layers

Load specific mapping navigation to suite predefined routes, for example 2021 bus network routing to comply with government contracts. Keep your drivers compliant on the roads by providing heavy vehicle route guidance and low bridge avoidance, eliminate hefty fines and keep your drivers on track.

Municipal Routing

Municipal navigation is the feature that allows drivers to be navigated in the mode suitable for execution of municipal services. That is, when one needs a navigation in complicated trajectories not always matching the official road network. An example is the waste management service where the vehicle sometimes needs to go off-road or into a forbidden zone and where driver needs to be given custom instructions such as "collect the bin on the right side".

Pre Start Safety Inspections

Build and customise inspection checklist for drivers to complete from any mobile device, before, during and after their shifts. Live fail alerts and automatic emailed PDF reports, saved in the system forever your company will never be in breach of chain of responsibility (COR) again.


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