Tools for Optimizing and Scheduling in 2021

How do you optimize delivery routes? Delivery businesses can largely benefit from the use of routing software in order to reduce the time spent on the road and save on fuel and labor costs. Therefore, the use of tools to increase efficiency is not just for the benefit of the customers who will receive their items on time. You can also maximize your route so you can send out more deliveries in one trip. 

Thankfully, there is no shortage in route optimization and scheduling tools today. But you have to consider your business’ delivery needs and demands in order to identify the best solutions to match those needs. Are you in need of a basic optimization and scheduling tool or are you looking for something more sophisticated?

What Features to Look For?

The best way to narrow down your options and find the perfect fit for your delivery business needs is to look at the features. Here are some of the things you need to look for in tools to help optimize delivery routes:

  • Route Optimization – This is the primary feature to look for in a tool designed to optimize and schedule your delivery routes. This will boost efficiency with multi-stop and multi-route deliveries.
  • Monitoring – Customers want to get real-time updates on the location of their items. Route monitoring is a great way to feed them the information they need in a timely manner. Transparency with the delivery route will enable you to identify inefficiencies and address them as soon as they appear.
  • Updating – An effective route optimization and scheduling tool must provide timely updates on customers about the status of their delivery. It is important to keep them informed about the estimated date and time of arrival.
  • Proof of delivery – It is essential that you have a method for collecting proof that the item is successfully delivered and received by the customer. This is also for proper inventory of delivery goods.
  • Overcome constraints – The most effective route planning and scheduling tools must be able to overcome any delivery constraints. It should offer solutions to common delivery issues such as strict delivery time windows, limited vehicle capacity, and so on.

Best Tools for Optimizing and Scheduling Deliveries

To help optimize your delivery services, these are some of the best tools for optimizing and scheduling in 2021 to improve how you conduct business.

1. SolBox

SolBox is the leading intelligent delivery and route planning software in the market. The company provides fast and flexible technology solutions that make it easy to adapt to a variety of delivery services and to address numerous challenges.

SolBox offers a wide range of solutions but nothing as important as its dynamic route optimization. With this capability, you eliminate the need for your delivery services to drive around in circles because you can reach customers faster and manage your operational costs. It is equipped with powerful features such as the ability to develop route sequencing so you can get more deliveries out in the same amount of time. Furthermore, it enables you to manage the weight of your deliveries so you can maximize every delivery job.

One of the most important features available in SolBox route optimization capability is the zone or territory optimization. By classifying zones of deliveries, you can create more sequenced deliveries and deploy as many deliveries within a short range. Other notable features that optimize your delivery services include dynamic allocation, pre-defined routing, and transparent timetables for customers and drivers.

Based on SolBox data, you can drive 32% less distance and spend 28% less time driving when you optimize your routes using their technological solutions.

2. Routific

This is another route optimization platform that is available for delivery services that want to save time and increase efficiency. They are available in two standard pricing schemes: Essentials and Professional plans.

It offers the typical features you would expect to optimize your delivery routes including route optimization, route monitoring, customer updates, and proof of delivery. Depending on the plan you choose, you may have limited access to the features provided through this platform.

3. Onfleet

If you want to optimize your delivery routes, you might want to consider Onfleet. According to the company website, they can boost on-time deliveries and scale operations with ease. They offer both route planning and delivery management services. The company has been around since 2012 and added route optimization in 2016.

It starts at a price of $349 per month for the Basics package and this price can go up as you get more complex features. The most expensive package costs $1,999 per month. Make sure to choose according to your budget and needs.

4. OptimoRoute

If you want flexibility in terms of setting up your delivery routes, then you need to consider OptimoRoute. This gives you full control over how you set up your delivery routes. However, this tool requires some time to learn how to use and to understand its features.

Some of the unique features of OptimoRoute include the ability to set up driver profiles. You can break it down according to their start and end locations, vehicle types, service areas, and more. A mobile app is available for drivers to use when they are dispatched to their assigned routes.

5. Google Maps

If you are looking for a free tool to optimize your delivery routes, there is the good old Google Maps for you. Since this is a free tool, keep in mind that the capabilities that you can get out of it can be quite limited, too.

You can use it to plan the shortest route to get to your intended destination for deliveries. However, this has to be manually set up by the driver.

Key Takeaway

Understanding your unique business needs and the challenges you face is the best way to find the right software solutions and tools. Otherwise, you are only throwing away vital business resources without improving your services to customers. 

The goal of this guide is to help speed up your search for the right tools to optimize delivery routes. Each of these tools varies in terms of capabilities and complexities, as well as issues that they can address. It is your job to match it up with what you need so you can increase business efficiency and boost revenue.

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