6 Ways How Route Optimization Can Generate More Revenue

These days, online shopping is beneficial because you can shop for your needs from the comfort of your own home. However, this isn’t instant because delivering the product to your doorstep usually takes a week. From checking out an item to its arrival, it will go through a logistics company responsible for handling it. Of course, there are times when a package doesn’t arrive during the ETA, which can be a frustrating experience. This is where route optimisation comes in.

Route optimisation is a service for logistics companies to make their processes more efficient. It helps them to adjust the route of their delivery vehicles more carefully so that there will be less waiting time for the recipient. There are many route optimisation software to choose from, but many companies remain skeptical because they think using one will only increase costs.

If you don’t see the value of investing in route optimisation, here are some reasons why you should:

1 – Real-Time Tracking

The point of using route optimisation software is so that you’ll be able to track the items you ordered. You’ll be able to have an update on the status of your orders. Even though you can do this by contacting the company or by checking their website, the benefit of route optimisation is that the whole process is much faster and more convenient. You don’t have to wait for days for a reply, and you won’t be able to call them when you want. You’ll be able to access the same information as the company can.

2 – Eliminates Manual Route Planning

With all the tech around us, you’d be amazed how many logistics companies still rely on manual route planning. They decide where to go and where not to go when planning the route of their delivery drivers. However, this reduces the efficiency of the delivery process and can be costly for the company.

This is why route optimisation software is a wise investment: it has a route planning algorithm that calculates the best route to deliver the packages. This will help reduce the time spent on travel, making it more efficient.

3 – Boosts Delivery Productivity

The time spent delivering packages usually varies depending on the season and location, but the route optimisation software will help reduce this. You’ll have a list of packages you’ll have to deliver, and you’ll have to choose the route you think is the most efficient way to deliver them. The software will then analyse this and tell you whether to stick with your choice or amend it. This tech is also available for mobile, making the process of making changes on the go possible.

4 – On-Time Deliveries

Just because delivery delays are common doesn’t mean they have to be. With route optimisation, you’ll be able to work on improving the efficiency of your delivery process. You’ll get to know where your deliveries are anytime, and you’ll be able to adjust the plan if you think it’s necessary. You can schedule the delivery time so it will arrive on time without rushing.

5 – Positive Customer Experience

Customers receiving their packages on time will be more satisfied because it gives them a sense of trust and security. If you offer them options to choose from when it comes to delivery, they’ll probably opt to have it delivered on the day they want. They can track the package and schedule it to be delivered on the day they’re free.

6 – Lessens Overhead Costs

Route optimisation software can minimise your overhead costs. This means you’ll spend less on fuel, making it more efficient for your company. You’ll also spend less time in traffic because you can look for alternative routes.


Route optimisation improves many aspects of a logistics operation, so it’s a worthwhile investment. Since deliveries will be done faster, both customers and drivers alike. All that matters is finding the right software that works for your company.

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