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SolBox offers a simple yet sophisticated solution for specialised logistics needs. No matter the delivery constraints of load types, or product measurements, SolBox SmartMove can plan high volumes of time-sensitive orders in less than 10 clicks,  optimising your travel routes, reducing your vehicle usage, and time on the road, while keeping your customers informed each step of the way, efficiently and effectively.


Key Features

Bulk Order Import

Use our SolBox spreadsheet template or if you prefer, integrate your own spreadsheet. SolBox utilises an open API architecture so you can send orders directly system to system for a more seamless process

Route Sequence Optimisation

Our Optimisation engine was built and designed with simplicity in mind for the end user. Add your stops, including date, time, tolerance and service time, then let the system produce the best accurate turn by turn routes for your drivers in 15 seconds or less. Spend less time making changes with

Order Load Constraints & Balancing

In under 10 clicks plan and optimise hundreds of orders with SolBox’s dynamic algorithm, evenly load your trucks by weight or enter further constraints and let the software tell you how many vehicles and drivers you need to get the jobs done

Zone or Territory Optimisation

Create custom picture-perfect zones or territories of any shape or size, then let the algorithm do the rest of the work for you. The system automatically creates sequenced runs, starting and finishing from any depot with the goal of driving the least number of kilometres. Save and reuse these set runs over and over again.

Driver, Vehicle & Customer Timetables

Create cost-effective runs and schedules with routing constraints that match your business fundamental needs. Allow the system to flag which driver, contractor or vehicle is available and which day your clients accept deliveries, no matter how intricate your setup is SolBox can handle many complexities.

Dynamic Allocations

As the day unfolds and new jobs come in, allow SolBox’s one of a kind algorithm dynamically allocate the job to the best possible run, live. SolBox will search your active runs and provide different scenarios to pick from, as to where best to place the new job, without disrupting the original optimisation plan.

Pre-Defined Routing

Create set routes for stops and waypoints, then let the system build a turn by turn navigational plan ready to send to any mobile device, alerting the driver to stop or pass through. Drivers can also record a route via the driver app and send it live back to the SolBox software for additional use. Once multiple routes have been created, the software can build shifts (group of routes) to deploy to any mobile device

Driver Mobile App

Available on iOS or Android, with Heavy Vehicle Navigation services, your Internal or external drivers can digitally view all stops, order and manifest information, capture client signatures, images, credits & notes with the ability to scan barcodes, track items like pallets or capture card payments directly from the app.


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Real benefits for your business


How can we help?

See how SolBox helped Vics Meat pivot their entire business in days, helping Managing Director Anthony Puharich establish a successful eCommerce store during Covid-19.

Anthony Puharich Managing Director

How can we help?

Hear how Hardware & General saved 20% on fuel, 30% on their cost per delivery and increased their number of completed orders by 13% with no additional vehicles!

David Stabback Logistics Manager

How can we help?

See here how The Dinner Ladies went from taking 4 hours per day for route planning to 10 clicks of a mouse and providing live tracking ETA’s for their customers.

Rosie Pavicevic Logistics Manager

How can we help?

Hear from Domenic Currao Director @ JD to see how SolBox was able to help Save Time, money and improve their customer experience.

Domenic Currao Director

How can we help?

Listen to Bjorn Lategan, Chief Financial Officer of BagTrans as he explains how SolBox transformed their warehousing and distribution across the country with agile easy to deploy solutions.

Bjorn Lategan Managing Chief Financial Officer

How can we help?

Learn how SolBox has assisted Quality Centre to streamline their operations and remove the inefficiencies around last mile delivery.

Lawrence Micalizzi Director, SolBox

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Are you a hospital, patient transport or pathology service provider that requires logistics to run smoothly and handle new ad hock jobs so you can optimise dynamically?
Does your operation involve precious cargo that requires down to the minute scheduling time tolerances?
Would you like to reduce the amount of vehicles required to do the same volume of orders by using a powerful route optimisation algorithm?
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