About Us

The What & The How

With 50 combined years of management knowledge on fleet management and workflow solutions, we combined the two and brought you SolBox.

From route planning, optimisation and mobility solutions, to last-mile proof of delivery and automation, our team of experts will connect your people with the right technology to get the job done fast, improve productivity and accelerate growth.

SolBox provide intelligent process automation solutions derived from our extensive knowledge, tailored specifically for key industries. As an IoT innovator, we enable our core platform to integrate with ERP and ecommerce platforms, which enables a complete end-to-end business solution for our clients. Our solutions allow businesses to gain visibility, maximise efficiency and improve cashflow.

SolBox has a track record of improving business mobility and automation using industry leading tools and technologies. SolBox bespoke solutions and leading edge route optimisation algorithm helps underpin efficient processes and drive real-time insights to support operations, job management and customer interactions.

SolBox works with each customer and project team member to develop the right strategy and solution for their business, one that maximises efficiency, and has clear return on investment, showcasing bottom line benefits and ongoing savings.

Our Values

Our values are a reflection of the way we think, work and dream.

Customer Success

We’re passionate about delivering measurable results for customers. We’re always focused on attention to detail, integrity and professionalism. Our customers know that their investment is future proof, with the ability to deliver ongoing returns.

Elite Team

We strive to have the highest trained and accredited professionals to ensure our customers see not only results but enjoy the experience working with us. We are technology experts that have customer satisfaction front of mind.

Walk The Walk

Our key objective is to ensure customer satisfaction in every project, understanding our client’s requirements in detail we will provide a superior service level that can be trusted. We aim to have all projects delivered on time and on budget whilst ensuring that quality is never compromised

Do It The Right Way

We are not about “one size fits all” solutions or cutting corners to increase job profitability. Our staff are trained in the provision of high quality services. We have an open line of communication with customers and the key outcomes stated in our scope of works are always front of mind.

Continuous improvememt

Our staff are trained to the highest levels, with monthly reoccurring training to ensure they are always at the top of their game. We strive to be the very best experts in our field and have a relentless pursuit of success in our industry.

Focusing on key points in businesses such as job scheduling, route optimisation, proof of delivery, mobility, safety and integration we have strategic partnerships with some of the biggest software vendors in town, including Microsoft Dynamics, Business Central, TomTom Telematics, Xero, MYOB, Shopify, Jiwa, Intuit and SalesForce – helping connect your entire software ecosystem and maximise ROI.

We have quickly become the leading experts in providing solutions and consultancy services that give you the time and resources to work on what’s most important to you – growing your business.

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