How does it all work?

At SolBox, we understand that every business is different and we pride ourselves on working together with you to tailor a flexible solution that meets your unique business needs and offers you a perfect fit.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can offer a bespoke solution to help make your business better.

Step 1

Decide to do better business

Get in touch to discuss which SolBox solution will best help you save time and grow your profits. We also offer Bespoke Solutions so you can find your perfect fit.
Step 2

Review & Assess

Our team of qualified Solutions Experts will assess the current state of your business and identify gaps which can be improved and optimised through smart technology, ultimately finding ways to save you money.
Step 3

Identify & Plan

We identify the technology solution that will meet your needs and improve business processes, creating a statement of works and project timeline, so you know exactly what will be delivered and when. We can help you do better business within 48 hours!
Step 4

Implement & Refine

Our Expert Team implements the agreed solution, working closely with your team to continuously refine and improve the process, while helping guide the change management process.
Step 5

Support & Service

We provide training, support and an accessible help-desk for your organisation and employees. No matter what support they need, we’re there to ensure end-user adoption is a success.
Step 6

Monitor & Review

We ensure your SolBox solution is delivering ROI, via ongoing monitoring and regular review.

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