Driver Prestart Compliance

Pre Start Safety Checklist & Chain Of Responsibility

SolBox SmartMove Safety provides your business a comprehensive cloud tool for fleet and driver safety. Keep your operation compliant and your personnel responsible for their actions, in real-time. The SolBox Safety solution has been purpose built to support transport logistics owners and operators from hazards occurring and reduce the risk of compliance breaches with the NHVS, by having a robust safety management system in place.

8 Powerful Safety Features

Build Custom Safety Inspections

Build and customise inspection reports for drivers to complete from any mobile device, before, during and after their shifts. Live fail alerts and automatic emailed PDF reports, saved in the system forever your company will never be in breach of chain of responsibility (COR) again

Mass Management

Create predefined max load and max axel weight vehicle profiles. Via the mobile app, your drivers digitally enter weights, the system will ensure total weight is within compliance range and will flag if above legal weights. Driver is then responsible to ensure load is correct and sign offs via the app.

Safety Plan & Checklists

Build vehicle or asset specific safety plans and checklist via millage or time schedules. Options to add, pass & fail, mass management legal capacity and mandatory images or notes per check list item. Critical failed items will provide live SMS/email notifications to dedicated managers.

Safety Report Dashboard

View the live status of your fleet’s performance through pass, fail, repaired and completed safety checklists and planned items. Allow management to stay in control and compliant, and address issues easily as they occur. Customise the system to proactively work as a reliable tool for the business.

Service Checklist

Build service checklist items or templates per asset, vehicle or group which needs to be completed by internal or external repairers. Check list items will then appear on the service plans and reminders

Service Reminders

Set reoccurring notifications once for each vehicle or asset based on milage or time to automatically be notified when service reminder is approaching. Simply check off in the system once service item is complete to automatically begin the service interval cycle reminder again.

Service Plans

Build vehicle or asset specific service plans and checklist via millage or time schedules. Options to add specific service types or checklist items to be completed for the service intervals. Notifications via SMS or email to internal or external repairers with detailed service requirements per asset is automated

Service Repairs

Avoid chain of responsibility breaches by keeping track of which vehicle or asset has been repaired and by which repairer. A detailed history of what items or service plans were completed and any documentation including invoices can be attached.


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