Consequences Of Road Rage And How To Avoid It

You are driving down the highway, and you see a vehicle in front of you that is not going fast enough for your liking. You get frustrated, pick up your phone and start texting, cut off the driver in front of you, and then yell “slowpoke!” or something even worse. You might have just experienced road rage—but what exactly is it? And how can we avoid it?

Road rage is dangerous.

Road rage is a serious offense, and can lead to significant injury or death. If you have been involved in an accident due to someone else’s road rage, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages.

The most important thing you can do if you feel that another driver is behaving dangerously—whether they show signs of road rage or not—is to avoid them at all costs. Don’t engage with them; don’t match their speed or try to pass them on the highway. Do whatever it takes to avoid getting into an accident with someone who seems ready to take out their frustrations on other drivers.

Road rage is costly.

Road rage can be costly. The costs are not just financial, but also extend to driver education and insurance companies.

  • Costs to business: Businesses lose money when road rage slows traffic through their stores or restaurants. If a company’s employees are stuck in traffic, they may be late for work or unable to make it on time at all. This affects productivity, which will eventually affect profits.|
  • Costs to driver education: Drivers who have been involved in accidents caused by road rage may need additional training before they’re allowed back onto the road again. This could mean more lessons or higher insurance premiums for everyone else who drives on your streets and highways if you live in an area where there isn’t enough space available for additional driving classes.

  • Costs to insurance companies: Insurance companies incur large losses when claims are filed against them after an accident caused by road rage because these unexpected expenses can put pressure on profits

Road rage results in reckless driving.

The consequences of road rage go beyond the person who’s in your way, or the one tailgating you. It can lead to reckless driving and accidents. Reckless driving can result in injury or death for yourself or others on the road. It also causes property damage due to driver negligence.

For example: imagine an impatient driver is stuck behind two cars at a red light when he decides to pass them both on the right shoulder of traffic. If another vehicle were approaching from behind that lane at high speed, they would not be able to see him and could crash into his car before they could stop themselves from hitting him head-on—resulting in serious injuries/deaths for both parties involved (and possibly others).

What causes road rage?

  • Stress
  • Traffic congestion
  • Conflict with other drivers
  • Lack of sleep

While we often think of road rage as a problem that only affects certain people, it’s important to remember that everyone is susceptible to this negative emotion. Road rage can be a symptom of a bigger problem in your life, and if left unchecked will only continue to get worse. It may be helpful to think about what causes your own road rage so you can locate ways to prevent it from happening again in the future.

How to avoid road rage on your part.

Avoiding road rage on your part is easy if you take the right precautions. Make sure when you are driving that:

  • You are not on the phone. You should not be talking or texting while driving, as it is illegal in many areas and can cause accidents.
  • You are not tired or stressed out. If you’re feeling sleepy or stressed, then it’s time to stop for a rest before continuing onto the highway or interstate where there will be more traffic around you than usual due to rush hour traffic jams in most cities. It’s best if everyone gets off their phones too; getting into an accident because someone wasn’t paying attention would definitely make them regret their actions later.”

How to deal with someone who is exhibiting road rage against you.

  • Don’t engage. If someone is road raging against you, the best thing to do is not to engage them. This can be difficult because most people have a fight or flight reaction when they are being threatened, but there are several ways to avoid responding:
  • Make eye contact (not exclusively with the person who is exhibiting road rage)
  • Honk or wave your fist in response
  • Try to block their vehicle

Be aware of your emotions when you are behind the wheel, and drive safely for yourself and others.

  • Be aware of your emotions when you are behind the wheel, and drive safely for yourself and others.
  • Drive defensively. This means always being aware of other drivers around you, and paying attention to what they are doing so that you can react accordingly. If someone tries to pass you on a two-lane road, pull over if necessary so that they can proceed without risking an accident. When driving in inclement weather conditions, slow down and allow extra space between your vehicle and those ahead of it so that there is more room for recovery if the need arises. And remember: if the road is slick or snow-covered, do not travel at high speeds! The last thing anyone wants is an accident because they were in too much of a hurry to get somewhere else safely!
  • Avoid driving when tired or angry/upset (or distracted by technology). If this happens to be impossible because there isn’t anybody else available who could take over responsibilities such as dropping off children at daycare then it might be best practice not only on behalf of other motorists but also yourself—for example by having one less drink before getting behind those wheels again.”


Road rage is a serious problem that can have deadly consequences. While it’s impossible to avoid all accidents, you can take steps to keep yourself safe and reduce the risk of being involved in an accident with someone who is exhibiting road rage. Be aware of your emotions when you are behind the wheel, and drive safely for yourself and others around you.

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