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Fleet Management

Keep track of your drivers and vehicles in real-time, whilst ensuring maximum efficiency using our smart fleet optimisation algorithm.

Managing a team on the road is hard work. From manually scheduling and assigning jobs and vehicles to ensuring the right paperwork is completed and brought back to the office.

Our Fleet Management solutions offer a dynamic approach to ensuring your fleet remains efficient, safe and competitive, while reducing costs.

The SolBox solution delivers convenience through automation, optimisation and real-time updates designed to keep your fleet moving, whilst our mobility and on-the-road technologies help connect your drivers with the back-office, eliminating paper and improving efficiency.


Key BenefIts

  • Optimise your fleet to complete more jobs in less time with fewer vehicles
  • Keep connected with your team and customers in real-time
  • Make real-time decisions and adjustments based on live traffic, vehicle and driver data
  • Reduce the cost of your fleet and turn it into a profit centre
  • Utilize IOT sensors and systems to connect all the dots

Fleet Management Features

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Efficiency from Point A to B to Z, whilst reducing operating costs


So, how does it work?

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Complete deliveries fast with fewer vehicles

At the heart of SolBox’s fleet management solution is our unique optimisation algorithm. Not only does it identify the quickest routes to complete all assignments, it will also actively look to reduce the number of vehicles needed, helping your business work smarter, not harder.

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Go beyond navigation

Powered by TomTom Telematics, our GPS tracking allows you to monitor your fleet, including trailers, ensuring your drivers remain safe and efficient on the roads. Fully integrated dash cams, temperature monitoring and live driver feedback reduce business costs associated with accidents and maintenance, while real-time data insights allow you to make decisions and adjustments on the fly.

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Smart Analysis and Reporting

Gain transparent visibility of your fleet from the back office, and save time and money spent on tedious reporting through our intelligent KPI reporting tools. Our Dynamic Scheduling takes all the work out of complex rostering and timesheet management, by automatically assigning drivers to available vehicles.

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SolBox VU tablet

Purpose designed and built 7”/10” ruggedized android device is a drivers companion in and out of a vehicle working offline if required.

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SolBox Nerv

Never miss a vehicle movement with 4G plug and play GPS Tracking + Telematics device. Realtime canbus, engine and fuel management alerts including extensive trouble code reporting.


SolBox VU2

5.7” Gorilla Glass handheld SolBox device, mobile and NAV ready for all delivery or pick up needs.


SolBox Dash Cam

Ensure safety and compliance with SolBox dash cameras. Real-time visibility front, rear and side of your assets.


SolBox Sleeper Cell

Mobility and visibility collide. Switch between your assets, trailers or containers with this long life battery (3 years+). Device offers options of magnetic and hard fix installation.


TomTom Link + Pro Series

When best of bread matters, this product suite will provide all the Telematics and navigation bells and whistles you could ask for.


Deliver More with Less

Learn from SolBox how optimisation and automation can improve your business.

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Free 30 minute Strategy Session

If you’re unsure what is holding your business back from reaching its true potential, book a free 30 minute strategy session with a SolBox Solution Expert.

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The SolBox team were very professional from the first meeting all the way through to project handover, the team did everything they said they would on time and on budget, that was a big win for us.
— Chris Coch, Managing Director

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