How Route Optimisation Improves Your Deliveries

Research shows that two-thirds of a company’s competitive edge is based on the experience it delivers to customers. It is also known that retaining existing customers is much cheaper than onboarding new customers. Regardless of your business focus, if you want to achieve your goals, you need a customer experience strategy. Where do you begin?

A Customer-Based Approach to Deliveries

Customers often choose their brands based on the speed of delivery offered. A recent survey showed that over 98 per cent of US internet users reported that shipping impacts brand loyalty. Eighty-three per cent of those respondents said they wouldn’t buy from a retailer after getting just one negative delivery experience.

A majority of customers want to be able to solve mistakes with their deliveries, rather than just leaving it to the shipping personnel already on the ground. Ninety per cent of customers expect to be able to intervene after providing an incorrect address for delivery. Over 50 per cent expect the ability to change a package’s route to a different address or request an in-store pick-up while the item is in transit. 

On top of this, customers also demand accurate deliveries and expect the delivery personnel to be prompt and polite.

How a Route Mapping Software Can Help

Now is the time to start using a tool that makes route planning easier. You’ll be able to get the jump on your competition with the following benefits:

1. Plan Routes Intelligently for Efficient Deliveries

Route optimisation software helps you plan routes intelligently to reduce costs, optimise time, and increase efficiency. You’ll be able to plan routes that are more effective than those planned by another human. You can also get route optimisation software to plan routes based on a customer’s location.

2. Reduce Cost of Deliveries

You’ll be able to calculate the most efficient shipping routes using route optimisation applications. This will allow you to minimise the number of trips your delivery personnel need to make and thus reduce costs. Some of these apps also give you the option to optimise routes based on fuel consumption.

3. Coordinate with Customers in Real-Time

Several route planning software applications allow you to communicate with your customers in real-time. You can ask for a customer’s exact location instead of sending an order to a broad area. You can also use this to ask a customer to watch for a driver instead of sending an order to a pick-up point. Technology helps you reach out to your customers, reducing the chances of making mistakes.

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction With Zero-Downtime Deliveries

Customers want their packages to arrive on time. With route optimisation software, you can easily create multiple delivery routes for your customers, ensuring zero delivery downtime. Customers can get their deliveries on a schedule they are comfortable with.

5. Streamline Workflow for Employees

Route optimisation software can streamline your delivery workflow. You can easily dispatch orders with the click of a button. You can also use this software to improve the efficiency of your drivers, allowing them to spend more time on the road and less time on administration.


If you want to improve your deliveries and make customers happy, route optimisation software is the right choice.

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