When You Need A New Delivery Software In Australia

Building delivery routes can be very time-consuming. You have to consider many variables, such as driver availability and vehicle characteristics before you can even start to plan the route. And you often have to do all this while working against the clock.

Keeping your routes efficient and ensuring that your drivers arrive on time can be challenging. But there is a more straightforward solution that can help you to manage the chaos.

An all-in-one route planning, GPS, and delivery software tool can improve the way your entire operation works. Not sure if you’re ready to leap to a SaaS solution? Here are some reasons you need to take a different approach to route planning and move your operation forward.

Scenario 1: You Need More Efficiency

Without a route planning solution, your team is working harder than necessary. While it’s manageable to do things the “old way”, you’re holding your operations back from growth and efficiency gains.

Take these instances:

  • Your route planner is sick – how do you effectively adjust your routes?
  • Your driver calls out or breaks down on the road – do you have visibility into what orders have been served?
  • You get into work late and don’t have much time – how do you quickly assign your routes?

What you see as a “potential improvement” is a necessary remedy to your business’s increased complexity, which can no longer be handled with paper or Excel spreadsheets. You need to maximise time to focus on what matters: your customers. That’s why you need a new delivery software.

Scenario 2: You Exist in a Highly-Competitive Market

You know your business is facing some tough challenges soon: lower profits, customers who expect more, staff turnover, and more. But are you taking steps to ensure you’re ahead of your competition when those challenges come?

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to act.

You need to offer more services when you can’t afford to lower prices. Delivery software can help you:

  • Plan dynamically.
  • Change schedules at the last minute.
  • Offer on-demand delivery services.
  • Provide customers with live ETAs.

It’s getting harder to make your offerings stand out from your competitors, so make sure you have a solid plan!

Scenario 3: You Want to Maximise Asset Use

If you desire to work smarter, not harder, then route planning software is the solution. You can use the same resources to serve more orders or use the extra time you’ve freed up to help more customers. Your logistics team could even survive with fewer vehicles!

This also pertains to handling finances. Are you aware of how much your daily routes cost? If you’re not planning your routes efficiently, you could be losing a lot of money. Fuel, mileage, and operating expenditures can add up quickly. Also, if you’re relying on manual methods, there are potential costs, such as:

  • Human errors.
  • Employee productivity.
  • Idle time.
  • Customer retention.

By using delivery software, your team can benefit from a smart route planning solution and immediately see a return on your investment while minimising unnecessary costs.


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